Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance


The need for innovative adaptronic measures is rising for many scopes of application.

A need for solutions usually occurs in the vibration and noise reduction, shape control and the Structural Health Monitoring . By implementing adaptive structural measures, functionality, life span, comfort, security, production efficiency and quality should be increased and additionally strain, weight and costs should be reduced.

As a comprehensively useful structure technology, adaptronic can be applied e.g. in the field of vehicle engineering, machine tools and plant engineering and construction, medical technology, aerospace, optics and military technology. Some public adaptronic projects are MAVO FASPAS (Function Consolidated Adaptive Structures Combining Piezo and Software Technologies for Autonomous Systems), WISA PZT fiber composite materials, InMAR (Intelligent Materials for Active Noise Reduction), and the leading project 'Adaptronic'.