Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance

Ultrasonic Technology in Machining - Systems and Effects

Dresden / 24.01.2019

It's waiting for you:

  • Impulses from science and industry on the subject of ultrasonic technology in machining
  • Live demonstration of the newly developed ultrasonic vibration systems in the practical machining process
  • Exciting discussions on the potential and future fields of application of vibration superimposed machining
  • The opportunity for exchange, discussion and information at a culinary get-together.


Nano tech 2019

Tokyo Big Sight  /  30.1.2019  -  1.2.2019

The international exhibition and conference nano tech, which deals with nanotechnology, will take place again this year in the International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. It presents the latest innovations in nanotechnology products and processes from all over the world. The conference and exhibition is also dedicated to environmental protection, where nanotechnologies help prevent environmental damage and generate new sources of energy. This year, the so-called nano tech Awards will also be presented again, where outstanding achievements in this field will be honored.

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Additive manufacturing – focus: plastics

Darmstadt / 5.2.2019 - 6.2.2019

Innovative manufacturing of components: Meeting of experts and cross-industry exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of additive manufacturing of plastic components

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Mini Maker Faire Darmstadt

Darmstadt  /  23.02.2019

"Touch and try" is the motto of the Maker Fair. Because it is not just a science fair, but also a festival for young and old. The makers present their projects here and in addition there are exciting participatory stations and interesting workshops.  In this way, children and young people can get excited about technology and science in a playful way. OpenAdaptronik can also be found on 23.02.19 with a stand at the Mini Maker Faire Darmstadt.
Venue: Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

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Hanover Fair Industry 2019

Hannover, 01. – 05.04.2019

In 2019 we will be at the Hannover Faire Industry for the thirteenth time!

From 01 - 05 April 2018, the Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance will be represented with eleven exhibits at the Fraunhofer stand at the HMI.

The following exciting exhibits from our member institutes will also be present:

  • Fraunhofer IWU ("SensoTool", "digitally functionalized automotive components", "PermaVib"
  • Fraunhofer LBF ("Hybrid drives and integrated functions for handling, production and manufacturing machines", "Digitization - symbiosis of virtual and experimental methods", "Smart sensors and energy-autonomous systems")
  • Fraunhofer IST ("Sensor modules for plastic injection molding", "Sensory washer system", "Sensory king pin")
  • Fraunhofer IEM ("Force-controlled clamping device")
  • Fraunhofer IIS ("Energy Harvesting - Renewable Energy Supply for Wireless Sensors")

You want to know more about it? Visit us at the fair. We are looking forward to it!
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Symposium for smart structures and systems – 4SMARTS

Darmstadt/ 22. - 23.05.2019

The main focus will be on the interdisciplinary topic of active, intelligent and adaptive – short: smart – structures and systems.

The symposium will cover all relevant areas of technology, from the material, visualization and optimization of building components and functional integration to ensuring reliability of cyber-physical systems. Not only the classic application areas of active oscillation, sound and shape control will be discussed. Applications like Condition, Structural Health Monitorng or autonomous systems will be part of the agenda, too. Special attention will be paid to technological transfer, including questions about Service and Repair, system integration or economic efficiency.

conference management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Wiedemann, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptronics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Melz, Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF


Maritim Hotel Darmstadt
Rheinstraße 105
64295 Darmstadt

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ISPA 2019 | International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications

Dresden/ 09. - 11.10.2019

From human-machine interaction to intelligent skin, from 3D ultrasound cancer diagnostics to smart implants and from energy harvesting solutions to wireless energy supply – piezoceramics enable novel, smart applications that go far beyond their traditional use in positioning, measuring or control tasks.

This years‘ International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications (ISPA) highlights haptic solutions and medical applications of piezoceramics. Even so, the symposium will address the whole thematic variety of recent scientific and technological developments related to piezoceramics and functional units to provide solutions for control and positioning tasks, measuring tasks, power supply, materials treatment, and ultrasound and vibration applications. Beyond the technological novelties, commercial service offers and customer requirements as well as the building of future partnerships are within the scope of the symposium.

Engineers, designers and managers are invited to lecture on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects, display their products and offers as exhibitors or to engage as sponsor.

Please find more information on call for papers, exhibition, sponsoring and registration on our event website..


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Predictive Maintenance in Energy- and Systems-Engineering

Munich, 27th Nov. - 28th Nov. 2019

‘Predictive Maintenance’ functioning as an add-on to what’s known as ‘Condition Monitoring’, is becoming more and more common in our modern Industrial Era 4.0. The main goal of Predictive Maintenance is to optimize the economic efficiency of systems operations, by analyzing the condition of a system’s component. With this conference, TÜV SÜD is providing a forum and access to information about the most recent accomplishments of technology. It offers an exchange between the experts of the chemical-, processing- and energy-industries.

The focus will be lying on the mediation of practical experiences, the introduction of several different Predictive Maintenance methods. On top of that, several methods of monitoring, diagnosis and testing will be displayed. What’s useful and economically valuable? Are new approaches superior or to already existing maintenance strategies? If so, how? Said possible superiority will be demonstrated by practical examples from chemical systems technology, wind energy plants and turbines.

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Anodization – a „Never-Ending“ Story

Dresden, 28th Nov. – 29th Nov. 2019

Anodic oxide layers can do a lot more than just be decorative. We invite you to discuss recent developments and trends of such a diverse technology at our 7th symposium including the industrial exhibit “Applied Electrochemistry in Material Research” at the Fraunhofer IKTS in Dresden.

The application fields including anodization have grown vastly. There is no longer just the classic anodization of lightweight metals (as a tool to prevent corrosion and abrasion). The nano-technological work using anodization layers as templates or membranes is becoming more and more popular. The plasma-electrolytic anodization is finding industrial acceptance as well. Brand-new applications create expectations to see the anodization of iron and iron-family materials in fundamental work. Known lightweight construction materials like aluminium, magnesium and titanium are no longer the sole interest of electrochemical research, but will soon include iron or tin, too.

The symposium serves as a bridge between fundamental research and application-orientated works. Metrological contributions researching the development of oxide layers or the creational process are highly welcome!


International Conference on Reactive Sputter Deposition RSD

Braunschweig, 5th. Dec. 2019 – 6th Dec. 2019

The International Conference on reactive Sputter Deposition RSD offers a platform for scientists, engineers and students to discuss the newest developments in the field of Sputterdesosition. The 18th RSD conference will be taking place from 5th - 6th Dec. 2019 at the Fraunhofer Institute for layering- and surface-engineering IST in the city of Braunschweig for the first time.


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EuroSimE | International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems

Dresden / 2. - 5.4.2017

The 18th EuroSimE will be held from April 2–5, 2017 in Dresden, Germany.

The conference addresses both the results of fundamental research and industrial applications in these fields. Novel results from cooperative work of measurement tools and software suppliers, industrial product developers and scientists will be published.

Short courses will be offered for professional training on April 2, 2017. Three days of technical sessions (April 3–5, 2017) for oral and poster presentations are planned, in parallel with an exhibition of suppliers of experimental characterization equipment, and simulation and optimization demonstrating their latest features.

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Hannover Fair 2017 - Becoming partner

Hannover / 24.-28.4.2017

Also in 2017 we´ll arrange a technology stand Adaptronics in Hall two in the context of „Research & Technology“. With pleasure we would like to win you as a coexhibitor for the technology stand Adaptronics on Hannover Fair Industry in 2017. Profit from our longstanding experience in the area of Fair organization and marketing and from the appeal of our technology stand Adaptronics.

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Hannover Fair 2016 – Result

Hannover / 25.-29.4.2016

The Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance (FAA) presented for the tenth time now fascinating exhibits at the Hannover Fair. Following the successful completion of the fair on 29 April, the FAA can also draw a positive balance.

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Hannover Fair 2015

Hannover / 13.-17.4.2015

The Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance FAA is happy to take place at the Hannover Fair 2015. We will offer a wide spectrum of interesting and innovating exhibits to many different topics.

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Aachen Acoustics Colloquium 2014

Aachen / 24.-26.11.2014

On 24.11.2014, the annual three-day colloquium AAC starts in Aachen.

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Danubia-Adria Symposia on Advances in Experimental Mechanics

Kempten / 24.9.2014 - 27.6.2014

The DAS 2014 will highlight latest innovations and many facets of recent R&D work and industrial activities in the area of experimental methods in mechanics. It will provide a forum for discussion of the latest research results, new developments of concepts and technologies, proven techniques, practical applications, and standardization. In addition, it will offer the opportunity for an international exchange and transfer of expertise, experience and new ideas.

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ISPA 2013

Dresden / 19.-20.9.2013

Piezocomposites combine the functionality of piezoceramics as electromechanical transducer material with the robustness and functionality of complementary constituent materials. Sensing, actuation, voltage transformation or charge generation are usable active properties. The creation of new components and structures with these intelligent material properties radically extends the spectrum of applications.

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Actuator 2012

Bremen / 18.-20.6.2012

The Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance will be represented at the actuator for the third time.

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Hannover Fair 2012

Hannover / 23.-27.4.2012

The Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance FAA is happy to take place at the Hannover Fair 2012. We will offer a wide spectrum of interesting and innovating exhibits to many different topics.

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DAGA 2012

Darmstadt / 19.-22.3.2012

The joint stand run by the Fraunhofer LBF, the LOEWE Zentrum AdRIA and the specialist field for system reliability and machine acoustics will take part at the DAGA for the first time.