Symposium  /  September 19, 2013  -  September 20, 2013

ISPA 2013

Invitation to the 5th ISPA – International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications

September 19–20, 2013 at the Fraunhofer Institute Center Dresden, Germany

Piezocomposites combine the functionality of piezoceramics as electromechanical transducer material with the robustness and functionality of complementary constituent materials. Sensing, actuation, voltage transformation or charge generation are usable active properties. The creation of new components and structures with these intelligent material properties radically extends the spectrum of applications. Examples are smart lightweight structures of controlled shape, reduced vibration or suppressed noise, shape and position control in adaptive optical systems, wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring, decentralized power supply by energy harvesting from mechanical vibrations or on site voltage transformation and ultrasonic transducer with improved efficiency and larger bandwidth. Progress in the field arises from cross-discipline material technologies, innovative production technologies, design skills and market requirements.

The symposium ISPA 2013 is intended to serve as a platform enabling an exchange of information on market requirements, research interests and current results, skills and resources and facilitating the building of future partnerships. Engineers, designers and managers are invited to lecture on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects or display their products as exhibitor.

The symposium will start on Thursday, September 19 at 8:30 a.m. and finish in the afternoon of September 20, 2013.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Piezoelectric materials and composites
    Lead-free piezoelectrics
    Sensors, actuators, generators and transformers
    Morphing and vibration damping
    Acoustic applications
    Structural health monitoring
    Energy harvesting and sensor solutions
    Piezoelectric transducers and electronics
    Modeling, characterization, reliability
    Systems integration, future developments


The complete program is published on the website

Deadline for Registration

Registration for exhibitors: July 9, 2013

Standard registration: September 13, 2013

Conference venue

Fraunhofer Institute Center Dresden
Winterbergstrasse 28
01277 Dresden, Germany