Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance

Multiaxial Interface

Active solution for the vibration problem with smart structures composed of sensors, actuator & Elektronic Ability to adjust itself in an optimal way to existing structures Structure integration in working issues.


  • Damping of vibrating structures
  • Increase of comfort
  • Reduction of the user's vibration load
  • Decrease of mecanical construction units demand
  • Noise reduction

Structure generation:

Several interface generations were compiled and examined in different test scenarios. The first generation was laid out as dismountable units; the subsequent generation was laid out with higher function density. The 1st Generation works with active strokes to 70µm and forces to 10 kN at a diameter of approx. 130mm. The 2nd Generation is loadable up to 24 kN, the active stroke lies with max. 25 µm and approx. 85 mm in diameter. If you need further information, feel free to ask


1- First Generation (LBF)
2- Second Generation (LBF)
3- Actuator module (LBF and IKTS) for Second Generation
4- Actuator module (LBF) for Second Generation