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Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance

SMM: Simulation software for adaptronic systems - Taking the momentum out of vibrations

press release, 2.9.2016

Diesel engines vibrate. This produces tremendous stress on the components of ships. Adaptronic systems effectively reduce these vibrations. At the maritime trade fair SMM, Fraunhofer researchers are presenting a simulation tool that allows these systems to be developed efficiently: The “Mechanical Simulation Toolbox“ is now available on the market and easy to use.[...]

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Smart shading system

online article, 7.6.2016

For many decades, Fraunhofer ISC has developed innovative coatings for glass and plastics. Modern coating systems with modular design provide multifunctional properties for more protection, safety, efficiency, comfort and performance. A new smart shading system consisting of electrochromic elements - developed in the current EU project EELICON - can be retrofitted, for example, to car windows.[...]

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INNOspace Masters 2016 competition – winners impress with new ideas for the future of space

online article, 5.5.2016

A new wireless satellite, innovative laser communication technology for space, a universal adapter for spaceflight – these are just some of the winning entries in the first INNOspace Masters competition run by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) Space Administration. Using the slogan ‘Satellite 4.0’, the ideas competition called for the development of new proposals and concepts for the future of space (New Space Economy). Fifty companies, start-ups, universities and research institutions from eight European countries responded to the call. A total of nine finalists from three competition categories impressed the jury with their ideas. The awards ceremony took place at the INNOspace Masters Conference in Berlin on 4 May 2016.[...]

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Transparent movement sensor printed into clothing

online article, 20.4.2016

In what looks like a breakthrough in wearable technology Fraunhofer ISC in Germany has developed a transparent sensor material which can be printed onto textiles.[...]

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A long-term EKG for wind turbines

press release, March 2016

Offshore wind turbines have to take a lot of punishment, and this is particularly
true for their foundations, which are anchored in the seabed. Divers periodically
descend to inspect these structures for defects, but in the future, such
checks will be faster and easier to carry out thanks to a new sensor ring.
Researchers will be presenting a system for this at Hannover Messe from April
25 to 29, 2016 (Hall 2, Booth C16/C22).[...]

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Energy harvesting solution for an energy-independent flow measuring system on pipelines and filling pumps

press release, 17.11.2015

[...]Scientists at the Fraunhofer IIS have succeeded in using the existing mechanical flow energy on an oval wheel meter to produce electrical energy. This allows data from filling pumps or pipelines to be read remotely using an independent energy source and without requiring maintenance.[...]

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Fraunhofer IIS is introducing the FitnessSHIRT

press release, 16.11.2015

[...]The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is introducing the FitnessSHIRT during the MEDICA trade fair. This smart apparel can continuously monitor various body signals in mobile application scenarios. The shirt can be worn during daily routine, is washable and features integrated sensors that measure the pulse and respiratory rate simultaneously.[...]

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Fraunhofer ISC enables wearable technology for medical devices

press release, 29.10.2015

Functional adaptable and smart materials enable innovative applications, products and designs. The Fraunhofer ISC presents its competence in wearable and flexible technology for medical devices and technical textiles at the IDTechEX, Santa Clara (USA) from 18th to 19th November 2015.[...]

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Movable leading edge with flexible skin and integrated functions

press release, 15.6.2015

What will aircraft wings need to achieve in the future? This is a question being researched by the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF as part of the European research programme Clean Sky - Green Regional Aircraft.

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Low-vibration sawing and sanding

online article, 25.3.2015

No matter whether it's a drill or an oscillator, handheld power tools produce powerful vibrations. But a new anti-vibration system almost entirely eliminates that uncomfortable shaking sensation you get when using such tools: The FEIN MultiMaster oscillator vibrates up to 70 percent less and is only half as loud as its predecessor. Fraunhofer researchers developed the technology in collaboration with FEIN and will be presenting the system at Hannover Messe (Hall 2, Booth C22) from April 13 to 17, 2015.[...]

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Sensor systems for Industry 4.0

press release, 25.3.2015

Bending, drawing, rolling, pressing – there are many ways of shaping sheet metal. But all methods have one thing in common: enormous forces and fluctuating temperatures often result in flaws in the sheets. To prevent this and to boost the efficiency of the process, sensor systems are being developed at the Fraunhofer IST which measure forces and temperatures during the forming process.[...]

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