Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance


  • Multifunctional, Electrorheological (ERF) and Magnetorheological (MRF) Fluids and Systems
  • Characterization, Long-term Behavior and Component Reliability of Active Components
  • Multifunctional Materials and Semi-finished Products on the Basis of Piezoelectric Fibers and Layers
  • Development of Multifunctional Transducing Materials
  • Piezoceramic Materials (Technological Chain Powder -> Component)
  • Piezoelectric Constructing Elements (Sound and Ultrasound Transducers)
  • Development of Active Composite Material Structures
  • Development of Actuator and Sensor Components
  • Development of Material Technologies for Processing Function Materials, e.g. Thermally and Magnetically Activated Shape Memory Alloys