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Webinar Wednesday / 6.9.2023

Continuous monitoring of industrial wireless connectivity at shop floor level

Wireless communication systems are widely used in industrial automation, but there are mutual interferences between co-located wireless private 5G networks as well as public cellular networks. In this webinar, we will present a spectral sensing system suitable for seamless 24/7 monitoring of radio channels used for wireless connectivity in the shop floor. You will get a complete overview of radio systems and their frequency channels, as well as knowledge about the interference between neighbouring wireless communication systems. This helps wireless network operators in manufacturing facilities to anticipate emerging coexistence issues and speed up troubleshooting.


Webinar Wednesday / 18.10.2023

Sensing- und Edge-Lösungen für den Mittelstand

Die Datenverarbeitung von Sensoranwendungen kann zunehmend direkt in der Edge erfolgen, ist allerdings bei einer hohen Performance mit ebenfalls hohen Kosten verbunden. Im Webinar werden Ansätze diskutiert, wie hoch-performante Elektronik mittels angepasster mikroelektronischer Lösungen bei geringeren Kosten für den Mittelstand entworfen werden kann. Im Fokus stehen dabei Sensoranwendungen und Datenverarbeitung, von der Konzeption, Machbarkeit und Entwurf über mögliche Chipletaufbauten bis hin zur Integration in vorhandene Infrastruktur.


Webinar Wednesday / 15.11.2023

Introduction to Requirement Engineering

Requirements engineering is an important process of defining, documenting and maintaining requirements through the life cycle of a product. The webinar will focus on the objectives of requirement engineering, how it ensures requirements traceability and how it is linked to the product development. Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills to effectively capture, analyze, and manage requirements for successful project outcomes.